Historic Monument Hill Proposal

Sep 9, 2016

"The Monument Hill Revitalisation Project aims to restore and enhance the natural and built landscape of the highest part of Buckland Hill known as Monument Hill (lovingly nicknamed by locals as the ‘Monnie’). The project has been developed with community safety in mind to ensure positive social outcomes. The site has mostly been untouched in recent years, and accommodates a large water reservoir and the limestone obelisk which gives the hill its name, and is a central feature of the Town crest.
“There was always a crying need to do more with this stunning local landmark,” Mayor Ron Norris said, “but given the complexities of the land ownership and management arrangements, shaping a broader and more inclusive vision for Monnie just didn’t seem achievable, until now.”
The Monument Hill Revitalisation Project grew legs after Town staff collaborated with students from UWA who were researching the history of Buckland Hill and collecting landscape data for a studio project set by their lecturer, none other than local Landscape Architect, Tony Blackwell from Blackwell & Associates. “The reason I felt so strongly about the site is because of the dramatic views and its recreational potential,” said Blackwell, “and together with the depth of history that the UWA study captured, it is unparalleled to anywhere in the Perth Metropolitan area”.
The Town partnered with Blackwell and Reuben Spurge, a landscape architecture student from UWA, tapping into their comprehensive understanding of the site; resulting in a vision which was soon shared by the vested managers of the land. Mr Blackwell said: “From the beginning it was evident that our views, aspirations and appreciation of the site were aligned.”
Within the concept are visionary sketches for accessible boardwalks, pathways and viewing platforms throughout the site (that take full advantage of the stunning views offered by its vantage point); vegetation regeneration and parklands; lighting, historical/interpretive signage and artworks; and, provisions for a possible café. “These improvements will enhance this already stunning landmark, making access easier for people of all ages and abilities, so that it can be enjoyed safely and respectfully, noting its historical significance and importance to our Town,” Mayor Norris said.
Following Council adoption, the concept will be subject to a community and stakeholder consultation process before being finalised. This is the first step of a long-term project which will be developed in stages over upcoming years. To read more, the original report and concept development documents can be found on the Town of Mosman Park’s website at mosmanpark.wa.gov.au."

Town of Mosman Park, Press Release 23 August 2016

The concept development document can be downloaded here.

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