About Blackwell & Associates

BLACKWELL & associates was established in 1987. We are a specialised design practice focusing on sustainable landscape architectural and urban design solutions. Much of our focus since the practice was first established has been on the urban environment and on how we can enhance the experience when people trade their ‘traditional’ suburban existence for a higher density urban lifestyle.

A strong focus of our practice is in creating environments with a high level of pedestrian amenity, with a strong focus on streetscapes and public open spaces offering high levels of aesthetic and physical appeal. We believe that our streetscapes should be conceived and developed as a natural extension of the Public Open Space network. It is our intent to improve their “walkability” with an aim of encouraging more people to walk and ride and thereby deal with a number of current pressing health and environmental issues as well as encourage greater social interaction.

Our Approach 

Our approach is to distil the positive qualities of each site and amalgamate these to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements. This is done using our breadth of experience and artistic flair to achieve unique design solutions.

The award winning results illustrated on the following pages have been achieved through this fundamental commitment towards the pursuit of design excellence.

Key People

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(BLA, Fellow AILA, Registered Landscape Architect)


Tony has been the Managing Director of BLACKWELL & associates since its establishment in 1987 and is responsible for the overall direction of the practice.

His breadth of experience, together with his interest in the allied professions and extensive study tours over many years, have provided him with a sound knowledge of the broader issues that influence the design and the success of landscape, urban design and other built form projects.

Tony is a strong believer in the merits of 'context based design' and believes that the success of a project is determined from the outset by the quality of the site planning.

Since 2018 Tony has specialised in design review, sitting on numerious Local Government Design Review Panels as well as the DevelopmentWA and State Design Review Panels.

Our Awards 

BLACKWELL & associates have been the recipient of over 50 state and national awards across a range of clients, categories and project scales since their inception in 1987.